Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Course overview

    3. Course structure and assessment

    4. Abbreviations and definitions

    5. Introduction handouts

    1. Introduction and learning objectives

    2. 1.1: Why the urgency?

    3. 1.2: Some basics

    4. 1.3 The role of our food system in sustainable health

    5. 1.4 Our food system and environmental sustainability

    6. 1.5 The nexus between health and sustainability

    7. End of module 1 quiz

    8. Module 1 Handouts

    1. Introduction and learning objectives

    2. 2.1 Environmental footprint of individual foods

    3. 2.2 Why the focus on livestock?

    4. 2.3 Moving towards more sustainable regenerative farming

    5. End of module 2 quiz

    6. Module 2 handouts

    1. Introduction and learning objectives

    2. 3.1 Which dietary patterns for human and planetary health?

    3. 3.2.1 The ultimate definition from the Food and Agriculture Organisation and the World Health Organisation

    4. 3.2.2 EAT Planetary Health Diet

    5. 3.2.3 The Eatwell Guide: how sustainable is it?

    6. 3.2.4 One Blue Dot®

    7. 3.2.5 National Food Strategy

    8. 3.2.6 WWF Eating for Net Zero

    9. 3.2.7 What is the NHS Green Strategy for sustainable eating?

    10. 3.3.1 Confusion over the term 'plant-based'

    11. 3.4 In summary: what is a sustainable dietary pattern?

    12. End of Module 3 quiz

    13. Module 3 handouts

    1. Introduction and learning objectives

    2. 4.1 Using behavioural science to encourage sustainable diets

    3. End of module quiz

    4. Module 4 handouts

About this course

  • 16 hours of video content
  • 70 sessions
  • 5 modules
  • £295 or 2 x £150 monthly payments

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About the course

The food we buy, cook and eat every day – as well as the way it’s produced – is key to addressing the challenge of sustainable healthy eating. This course explores the fundamental principles of a sustainable diet for human and planetary health. It aims to help all health professionals to develop the confidence and knowledge necessary to incorporate sustainability into their practice.

Learning objectives

Gain understanding of

  • Why sustainability needs to be embedded into food provision, dietary advice and support
  • The impact of the food system on health and planet and the urgency to shift to a more sustainable system
  • What a healthy sustainable diet encompasses
  • Key nutrients often cited as a concern and the evidence supporting their adequacy within a plant-based sustainable diet
  • Adaptations and special dietary considerations needed when advising vulnerable population groups or those with enhanced requirements: children, adults, the elderly and athletes
  • Key influencers and barriers to shifting the nation towards more sustainable plant-based eating patterns – a ‘top down’ approach

Be aware of

  • The impact individual foods and dietary patterns can have on health and the environment
  • How healthy eating and sustainable food messages align
  • The latest international and national guidelines and policies with regards to sustainable diets
  • The varied spectrum of sustainable, plant-based dietary patterns suitable for different individuals, ranging from vegan to flexitarian

Be able to

  • Advise on accommodating for all essential macro- and micronutrients on a plant-based diet
  • Confidently provide advice to individuals on how they can shift towards healthful, sustainable plant-based dietary patterns
  • Identify the top dietary adaptations needed to improve the environmental impact of current dietary patterns
  • Understand key reports and studies on sustainable diets and eating

Why take this course?

  • Uniquely addresses the nutrition, science and application of sustainable eating

  • Broad range of experts covering every aspect of sustainable diets, planetary and nutrition science

  • Covers behaviour change tactics and groups such as athletes, children and older population

Expert speakers

Meet the subject matter specialists ready to share their knowledge. 

Course benefits

  • Testing and CPD certificate

    Test your knowledge using our informal quizzes and take a self-reflection assignment at the end of the course. Receive a digital certificate accredited by the BDA and AfN upon completion

  • Subject matter experts

    Engaging and renowned speakers with deep subject knowledge

  • Self-paced and flexible

    Enrol and start the course whenever you want, and study at your own pace. You'll have access to course content for one year

‘Few of us realise the damaging impact the way we eat has on our planet and on our survival as a species. This is a brilliant and much needed course for all health professionals and in particular Dietitians and Nutritionists- a must CPD! It is essential to integrate sustainability into everyday practice at all levels, and I really think this course will help so many health professionals to do this with confidence, as it is one of the areas the MyNutriWeb team are most passionate about.’

Cristian Costas Batlle
Specialist Gastroenterology Dietitian

Need for sustainability CPD:
‘Sustainability is not just a trendy issue, but it is fundamental to our practice as nutrition professionals. To help the public at an individual, local or national level to have healthy lifestyles, we need to incorporate sustainability into our practice and keep our knowledge and skills up to date across the breadth of sustainability factors, from environmental to socio-economic issues.'

Dr Glenys Jones RNutr
Deputy Chief Executive, Association for Nutrition


“Sustainability is an area that is applicable to the practice of all registrants. This course will aid registrants in gaining confidence to incorporate sustainability aspects into their practice and provide advice in respect to this. It is positive to see that the course considers different population groups and incorporates tests to check understanding.”

Association for Nutrition

This course has been approved for CPD by the BDA and AfN

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